1K-Derocryl Lack EE

semigloss topcoat based on acrylate and PVC resin

General information
1K-Derocryl Lack EE

Field of application

  • Protection against corrosion for iron and steel.
  • Topcoat in a multi-coat system.
  • One layer coating for aluminium and galvanised steel.

Product properties

  • Contains zincphosphate
  • Resistance to mineral oils
  • High surface hardness
  • Fast drying
  • Recoatable with itself

Technical Specification
1K-Derocryl Lack EE

Colours RAL 5010, RAL-colour chart with exceptions, apart from RAL 9006/9007.
Flash point >23 °C
Temperature stability Up to 100 °C
Gloss Silky mat, appr. 20 U in 80° angle
Potential dry film thickness in one working process Up to 40 µm
Viscosity Appr. 100 sec running time (DIN 4 mm pot)
Density in kg/l 1,23
Solid content in % 54
Solid volume in % 36
Theoretical spreading capacity
  • 9 m²/l at 40 µm DFT
  • 7,32 m²/kg at 40 µm DFT
Recommended film thickness 125 µm WFT corresponds to 50 µm DFT
Drying (DIN EN ISO 1517) 40 µm DFT
Dust-dry (Tg1) After 10 min
Touch-dry (Tg4) After 30 min
Dry (Tg6) After 24 h
Interval for overcoating
  • after 1,5 h with itself


  • The specifications are based on standard atmospheric conditions 23/50, DIN 50014.
  • Lower temperatures and/or higher humidity will prolong drying and hardening.

Safety information
1K-Derocryl Lack EE

(See Security Data Sheet)

VOC-level Appr. 566 g/l
Solvent content Appr. 46 % by weight
Aromatic content Appr. 37 % by weight

1K-Derocryl Lack EE


  • In dry, cool rooms, if possible frost-proof
  • Ensure good ventilation

Shelf life

  • 6 month from date of delivery when in unopened original containers in cool and dry conditions

Application methods
1K-Derocryl Lack EE

Airless spraying

  • Flow pressure 160 - 180 bar
  • Nozzle size 0,011 - 0,013 inch (0,28 - 0,33 mm)
  • Spraying angle according to the geometry and size of the object to be laquered

Compressed air spraying

  • Spraying pressure 3 - 5 bar
  • Nozzle size 1,3 - 1,5 mm
  • Adjust to spraying viscosity (appr. 30 s DIN 4 mm) adding appr. 5 % Derocryl-Verdünnung (two component products: after mixing)

Electrostatic application

  • Application is possible, provided that the material is set to the appropriate conductance for the system concerned
  • It should be noted that,adapting the material to the appropriate conductance for the system concerned,may prolong drying and impair the resistance to corrosion and weathering


  • Can not be applied as delivered

Other methods

  • Roller and brush application for repair work is possible
  • Take care, heavy dissolution may occur in case of multi-coat application


  • Max. 5% Derocryl-Verdünnung


  • Rinse immediately with Derocryl-Verdünnung
  • Residues are dissolvable with Derocryl-Verdünnung

Preparation of support

  • Shot blasting to a purity according to SA 2½
  • Sweeping for zinced supports
  • Mill scale, welding residues, dust, soluble residues from chemical pretreatments and zinc reaction products which might reduce adhesion have to be carefully and thoroughly removed

General remarks

  • During coating and drying the humidity should be min. 10 % / max. 85 %
  • During coating the environmental temperature should be min. 5°C / max. 30°C
  • Object temperature at least 3° C above dew point.

Example for a system

  • Primer coat: 1K-Derocryl Haftgrund EE
  • Finish coat: 1K-Derocryl Lack EE

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The general information and descriptions contained in this specification are provided to the best of our knowledge. Our information and specifications do not constitute warranted characteristics in the legal sense. Any advice for preparation and application which may be provided verbally, in writing or by means of experiments is of general nature only, and any property rights of third parties are also to be regarded in this context. Our general instructions do not release you from your obligation to check the suitability of the products supplied by our company for the intended methods and purposes of application. Particular in those cases when our supplied material will be applied with products from other sources. The products are prepared, applied and used outside of our sphere of control and thus fall solely within the user´s scope of responsibility.
Our general terms of sale and delivery apply as agreed.

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